Built with Berta.me

  1. Retaildesign, construction management and execution for Novacane Store Berlin, Linienstraße 205.   2014

    Already visible from the outside through the display window, a monolith of brush finished, but yet shiny copper extends from the ground to the ceiling. Equipped with a selection of 54 sneakers it forms the heart of the store. Across the room, inside a niche in the ceiling is the shoe stock, which is only accessible through a black powdered rolling ladder. Now you know – this store is all about sneakers. Whoever wants to try one, is welcome on a plain white symbiosis of show case and fitting bench, which forms the store’s front. 
    A selection of street wear is presented on fine goods shelves from black coated steel sheet. Well sorted, to the right side: sweaters, jackets and shirts – to the left: trousers and shorts. Since the company has its roots in graffiti culture, in the vitrine of the black matte counter a variety of graffiti supplies and other related accessories can be found. In general, the store comes across as tidy, clean and offers a good orientation. Yet, the copper elements are highlighting this overall introverted appearance.


    client In.com GmbH

    materials copper-clad aluminium; matt finished, black colored mdf; white painted mdf; powder-coated steel;  safety glass; mirror

    planning 2 weeks

    execution 4 weeks

    photos Stefan Schanzenbach