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  1. Allerorten is a Berlin-based research and design project that aims to envision, explore & engineer concepts for future living spaces.

    It startet as a project of designers, architects and engineers at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Now it is a private initiative of the designers Bastian Braun and Felix Westphal and their creative network.

    Allerorten wants to engage the way we think about housing needs and the space around it in a tangible and open-minded way. Our prototype OTTO, a 6.5 sqm modular room concept, allows us to create a year-roundly habitable space at various, even hardly accessible locations and lets people give it new possibilities and usages. OTTO itself is under constant development and is iteratively designed to allow diverse stakeholders have a tangible discussion about the idea of mobile living spaces and their purpose in our ever-changing global society.

    You are an important part in this project! So get in touch with us if you want to use OTTO for your idea / project / next-big-thing. Social initiatives – contemporary housing projects – art movements. All are equally interesting to us and can offer a great platform to tackle one of our currently most burning questions: How do we want to live?