Built with Berta.me

  1. Build into a walnut tree on the hillside of a local family´s property the Treehouse forms the highest accessible spot in the surrounding area. The ascending climb of the visitors replicates the shape of a snail house going from the lowest and widest to the most narrow yet highest and most attractive part of the structure, a view point, formally outstanding and specifically designed for small visitors. This inner part of the house was specifically created for children which is emphasized by a small sized entrance. The generous balcony running around the house is a comfortable retreat with a view and designed for the whole family´s enjoyment. The whole house was built from domestic woods and mounted to the tree with a single screw. The construction also considers growth and change of the tree and will not be harmed by these factors.  2015 

    client private

    collaborators Stefan Schanzenbach

    size 13 m2

    height 5 m

    materials robinia, pine, shackles, wire ropes, acrylic glass,  

    photos Stefan Schanzenbach